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Security alert systems

Security alert systems offers an innovative line of electronic security services, designed for applications requiring high quality and safety. It is proud to provide the best-in-class services, always on the cutting edge of the ever changing technology to meet the demands of residential, commercial, institutional, educational and transportation applications.


We are actively engaged in to Fire, Safety and Surveillance Solutions based Project installations with a well-qualified Technical team. The solutions include the following

  • # Addressable & Conventional Fire Alarm Systems
  • # Public Address System
  • # Access Control System
  • # CCTV Surveillance System
  • # Gas based Fire Suppression System
  • # Water Leak Detection.
  • # Rodent Repellent Systems
  • # Vesda
  • # Intrusion Alarm systems
  • # Canteen Management Systems.
  • # Apartment Video door systems
  • # Complete Home Automation for Luxury apartments.
  • # BMS Controls.



Fire alarm systems

The system is installed throughout the building - the objective being to call the fire brigade as early as possible to ensure that any damage caused by fire is minimized.


Public address systems

PA systems have speakers that cover an entire industrial site or an entire outdoor complex. A large PA system may also be used as an alert system during an emergency.



cc camera systems

CCTV camera systems are used to developing the business,surveillance purposes,complete utilization of manpower,detecting purposes and also as witnesses.


Access controller system